Week 15 (2019) News, Tesla Network, Used Tesla For Sale, Supercharger V3 and more

Week 15 (2019) News, Tesla Network, Used Tesla For Sale, Supercharger V3 and more

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The Model 3 reaches the highest monthly number of any PHEV in Germany ever - 2,226 new registrations in March.
On France Renault ZOE is still number 1 in sales, but Tesla Model 3 is a close second.

In a blog post last week, Tesla announced that drivers will no longer have to approve lane changes when they engage the car's Navigate on Autopilot system. We remind you that until this point, the cars couldn't change lanes without driver approval by activating the turn signal. Before the car changes lanes, it chimes at the driver to make it aware of the lane change and to give him a chance to ensure that it's safe to do so.

The system called “Tesla Network” it’s teased again by Elon Musk. On April 22, Tesla will invite investors to an event at their Palo Alto headquarters to show the capabilities of their new hardware and their roadmap for future. Tesla Network – which will be an Uber/Lyft competitor - is part of Tesla’s “Master Plan Part Deux,” which includes a step to “enable your car to make money for you when you aren’t using it.”

The self-described “white hat hacker” who goes by the name GreenTheOnly purchased a salvaged Tesla Model 3 at an auction last year and discovered all of the mobile devices that had been paired to the car, as well as phone numbers and email addresses from those devices.

Getting ready for the Model 3 rollout, Tesla is adding CCS cables to the SuperCharger Network in Europe.

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