Week 14 (2019) News, Sentry Mode, Used Tesla For Sale, Supercharger V3 and more

Week 14 (2019) News, Sentry Mode, Used Tesla For Sale, Supercharger V3 and more

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Tesla Model S ranked as luxury car with highest resale value in Germany

The Tesla Model S has outranked a number of Germany’s best luxury sedans in terms of resale value, according to the Schwacke list, which analyzes and ranks the approximate residual value of used motor vehicles in the German market. Following the Model S is the Porsche Panamera, and third on the list is the Audi A8.

A report from German business newspaper Wirtschaftswoche has determined that Tesla’s batteries for the Model 3 have over four times less cobalt compared to those used by Volkswagen today, highlighting the long road ahead for traditional auto as it starts its shift towards electric vehicles.

Hacker Gets Tesla On Autopilot To Stop Itself At Red Light

The car in question has been hacked by its presumed owner to add the extra capability. This is not something that other Tesla vehicles can do. The automaker did, recently, update its Autopilot-equipped fleet, giving the cars the ability to “see” traffic lights and give a warning “if it detects that you are about to run a red light.“. It’s this change in the car’s software that allowed the hack to take things one step further.

Besides the S3XY lineup, Tesla also has a Semi, proving that its CEO is indeed, like all of us, 12 years old.

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Tesla’s Semi Truck is almost production ready. Here above is a snap shot from an upcoming add.

New battery pack Tesla Model 3 0 To 60 MPH times are improved. Here are the numbers:

  • Performance LR AWD (2019) – 3.2 seconds
  • Long Range AWD (2019) – 4.5 seconds 
  • Long Range RWD (2019) – 5.0 seconds 
  • Standard Range Plus (2019) – 5.3 seconds
  • Standard Range (2019) – 5.6 seconds 

Existing Tesla V2 Superchargers are providing more power

Although it cannot compare with the Supercharger V3, which is capable of charging at rates up to 250 kW, Tesla increases the power output at existing Supercharger V2 stations to a peak of 145 kW. The vehicles were software limited to charge at a lower rate. The Model 3 is capable of charging at up to 250 kW, and Tesla is already rolling out the software update (2019.7.11) to allow the cars to get the maximum rate out of V2 chargers until V3 becomes more popular.

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A Model 3 owner says on Reddit that the company’s new charging solution – V3 - was able to charge his vehicle from 9% to 90% in only 35 minutes.

He observed that Supercharger V3 immediately showed a charge rate of 255 kW as soon as the Model 3 was plugged in. This rate stayed on for around 15% before the charge rate started to settle at around 177 kW – probably to keep the batteries cold enough. The Model 3 was able to go from 9% of charge to 23% in just 4 minutes.

Credit to u/privaterbok from the r/TeslaMotors subreddit).

  • 9% – 50% = 12 minutes
  • 9% – 60% = 15 minutes
  • 9% – 70% = 19 minutes
  • 9% – 80% = 25 minutes
  • 9% – 90% = 35 minutes

Tesla’s Supercharger V3 is still in its trial phase.

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In Norway, March brought a record number of 10000 registered EVs – from which 5,000 are Tesla, including 4,500 Model 3.

The number of Tesla Model 3 orders reached 27,000 Europe, most of them being in Germany (over 8,000), Norway (over 5,000) and the Netherlands (over 3,000). The Germans manufacturers better move faster since it seems they are beaten on their own soil.

Europe is very peculiar since the overall car market sales decreased for the 6th consecutive month (year-over-year), while the EV sales increased.

The growth of EV sales is hugely impacted by the Tesla Model 3 delivery and sales push at the end of February.

However, in China, car carrier rental companies are struggling to meet demand. Reports from the country indicate that Tesla has been shipping so many Model 3 sedans that car carrier rental companies in Shanghai are already running out of vehicles that can be used by the electric car maker.

Just as a reminder, the three Tesla models are available in a total of 11 versions:

Model 3:

Standard Range, Rear-Wheel Drive

Standard Plus Range, Rear-Wheel Drive

Long Range, Rear-Wheel Drive

Long Range, All-Wheel- Drive

Performance (Long Range, All-Wheel- Drive)

Model S:

Long Range


Performance with Ludicrous Mode

Model X:

Long Range


Performance with Ludicrous Mode

Tesla is now bringing the Sentry Mode security feature to Model S and Model X:

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The feature is meant to ‘protect against break-ins and theft’ “If a minimal threat is detected, such as someone leaning on a car, Sentry Mode switches to an “Alert” state and displays a message on the touchscreen warning that its cameras are recording. If a more severe threat is detected, such as someone breaking a window, Sentry Mode switches to an “Alarm” state, which activates the car alarm, increases the brightness of the centre display, and plays music at maximum volume from the car’s audio system.”

This Sentry Mode is quickly proving useful as a woman who vandalised a Tesla vehicle was arrested after the footage of the incident was captured through Sentry Mode and reported to the police by the owner.

Here you can watch the full video:


Tesla chosen as the 9th on the Most Innovative Companies 2019:

The Boston Consulting Group’s annual report, which defines the world’s most innovative companies, as the only automaker that made it in Top 10, top dominated by tech companies like Alphabet/Google, Amazon, and Apple.

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Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus Almost As Efficient As Hyundai IONIQ Electric requiring just 252 Wh/mile or 156 Wh/km.

The Standard Plus version received:

  • 134 MPGe combined (252 Wh/mile or 156 Wh/km)
  • 140 MPGe in the city (241 Wh/mile or 150 Wh/km)
  • 128 MPGe on the highway (263 Wh/mile or 164 Wh/km)

The Hyundai IONIQ Electric – the most efficient BEV so far – is rated at 136 (150/122) MPGe.

Dynamic Brake Lights feature that warns other drivers of emergency and unexpected braking events is launched to Model 3 owners in Europe under version 2019.8.3. In addition to Dynamic Brake Light, the update also pushed Navigate on Autopilot, Sentry Mode, Dog Mode, and a Peak Power Increase.

If you are driving over 50 km/h and brake forcefully, the brake lights will now flash quickly to warn other drivers that your car is rapidly slowing down. In addition, the vehicle will also flash its hazard lights. If your car stops completely, the hazard lights will flash until you press the accelerator pedal or press the hazard lights button to turn them off.

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Tesla’s Bioweapon Defense Mode is receiving location-based activation settings in the near future. This feature is used to improve cabin air quality by removing at least 99.97% of fine particulate matter and gaseous pollutants, including bacteria, viruses, pollen, and mold spores.

Watched the new Enhanced Summon feature in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOK6Qle7mDI

As part of firmware version 2019.8.2., the owners of the Model 3 were welcomed with the message “Your vehicle’s peak power has been increased by approximately 5%, improving acceleration and Performance.” This should increase the top speed of the Performance variant to 162 mph.

Musk recently said that Tesla feels comfortable pushing Model 3’s power train to higher output levels, since it has collected more than a year’s worth of real-world driving data from a billion kilometres driven.

A Tesla Model 3 right-hand-drive was spotted ahead of the planned launch

Good news for the customers in UK and Australia that the company has included a right-hand-drive version of its latest vehicle.

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