Week 13 (2019) News – Used Tesla For Sale, Tesla Model Y Prices, HW 3 update, Sentry Mode and More

Week 13 (2019) News - Used Tesla For Sale, Tesla Model Y Prices, HW 3 update, Sentry Mode and More

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This being said, let’s see what happened last week in the Tesla universe:

Tesla raises Model Y prices by 1000 USD:

It’s never been a better time to buying a used Tesla and not deal with the hassle of the constant price changes of a new vehicle. After the price increase of the Model 3 with 3%, the not yet launched Model Y has the same fate. This effectively adds $1000 to each version of the vehicle.


Elon Musk announced that the price increase for the stock cars will be effective at the end of the business quarter and for the Model Y, the increase already took place, making the prices listed in the Model Y launch event to be obsolete. What is listed now on the Tesla website – and this might be changed again in a couple of weeks - is the following: $48000, $52000 and $61000 for the Long Range, Long Range AWD and Performance models respectively.  The clients who have already pre-ordered are still seeing the old price but this might be an error and Tesla can increase the price for them as well. Tesla didn’t confirm however the price change.

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Tesla Model Y And Model 3 Will Soon Tow Your Trailer:

Norwegian site Elbilen noted that Tesla will be releasing towing equipment for the Model Y and also for the Model 3. The information was shared by Tesla’s designer Franz von Holzhausen himself, who confirmed that such capabilities are truly coming soon for the Tesla electric vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 Is The Best Sold EV In Europe:

Being already the best-selling EV Brand in Europe in February, Tesla checks another number 1 spot. According to the analyst Matthias Schmidt, in the last 30 days, about 3,724 registrations of the Tesla Model 3 were made, which is a few hundred more than the car on the second place, the Renault ZOE. Germany (959) and Norway (791) are the biggest markets for the Model 3.

Race Your Tesla – Legally, On The Track:

After 2 events in January and October, Tesla Corsa welcomes back the Telsa owners on Sunday, March 31st at Buttonwillow Raceway Park, California.

So, if you have a Tesla vehicle and you really want to find out what it’s capable of, you can sign up via the Tesla Corsa’s website. The driver’s experience and as well as each car specs will be taken into account by the organisers.

Besides the competition spirit and pushing the limits of their vehicles, this event also gives the Tesla owners the great opportunity to network and socialize. The participants also have access to all the videos and photos shot during the event by the Tesla Corsa’s professional photographers.

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Forget about finding your Tesla, the car will find you:

You cannot yet whistle to get your car to you but, Tesla recently upgraded its Summon feature to make your phone act similarly to a remote control for a RC car. Now the car can turn left and right, with of course speed limitations.

Tesla Motors states that The Advanced Summon is now part of the Full Self-Driving capability package, including as well the functions: Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change and Autopark.

Later this year, the system will also recognise and respond to traffic lights and stop signs.

ADVANCED SENTRY MODE for your peace of mind:

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla will be giving owners the choice to activate or deactivate the Sentry Mode depending on the vehicle’s location.

HAL 9000, the glowing red “eye” of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s (nice choice for a security system until it turns against you) will use location-based data to provide the owners with the following options: “Always,” “Exclude Home,” “Exclude Work,” “Exclude Saved Locations,” “Ask,” and “Off.”

In case of tampering, loud classical music will blast through the speakers to scare the thieves.

Tesla Model 3 production reaches record marks:

With a current pace of Model 3 production of 5,847 units per week, Tesla already produced 226,969 Model 3, out of which 71,307 falls on this quarter alone. The data was provided by the Bloomberg’s Tesla Model 3 Tracker. There’s a big chance the production will reach 75000 units in Q1, compared to 61,394 in Q4 of last year.

Tesla Model S and Model X got "HW 3" codes for Full Self-Driving Capabilities:

Tesla’s New Inventory site source code reveals the “APH4” options code for the Model S and the Model X, meaning that these cars are having installed the latest Full Self-Driving hardware. As a reminder, Tesla uses the sequence “APHx” to classify the version of Autopilot hardware installed in its cars. APH2 is HW2 and APH3 is HW2.5.

The new hardware will allow Tesla to enable the functions: Navigate on Autopilot, Advanced Summon, Auto Lane Change, Autopark, and the capability to respond to traffic lights and signs.

Hack a Model 3 in competition to win it:

In the last day of the competition held in Vancouver, Amat Cama and Richard Zhu of team Fluoroacetate hacked the infotainment system on the Tesla Model 3 using “a JIT bug in the renderer” and managing to take control of the unit. Tesla Motors made a Model 3 available to hackers in order for them to find exploits and vulnerabilities in the vehicle’s systems. For exposing the vulnerabilities and giving the automaker the chance to improve its software security, Tesla is rewarding the 2 hackers with the Model 3. you can own your Model 3 as well by checking our used Tesla for sale.

AutoSteer Stop Light Warning for Autopilot released on the latest software update:

The latest software update (2019.8.3) add a function called Autosteer Stop Light Warning which allows the Tesla Autopilot to recognise stop lights and warn drivers. Tesla cars that were made from the month of October 2016 onward and have Autopilot or Full Self-Driving will automatically receive the new option.

This feature will calculate whether a vehicle will run a red light and then make visible and audible warnings so the driver can take over. As well, the touchscreen will flash a graphics with the warning for the driver to “Take Over Immediately” as shown here in a picture provided by Tesla:

Check here someone who tested the feature.

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